Dr. Hari Shankar Mishra P.G.College Malihamau,Hardoi

Associated to : Lucknow University, Lucknow
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Our Mission/Vision

Our mission is to create the leaders of tomorrow. Backed by a Curriculum that Encompasses the distinctiveness of east and west, B. A., B.Sc., B. Com., B.Ed., M.Sc., and M.A is dedicated to the moral, and spiritual development of the learners. The highest educational goal of every nation is to create ideal citizens, individuals capable of fulfilling their goals while upholding the interests of others and the progress of the whole society. For this goal to become a living reality, education must actualize the full potential of the most precious resource of the country, the human brain of every citizen. Education should be defined as the process of culturing the individual to display perfection in life. Education should enable any individual to spontaneously utilise the total Creative Intelligence of Natural Law. All his thought, speech, and action will be spontaneously upheld by the silent power of peace that permeates all the activities in the universe. The potential of every human brain is unbounded, infinite. Everyone is equipped with the physical machinery in his brain physiology to experience that level of intelligence which is the ocean of all knowledge, the ocean of all energy, intelligence, and bliss. Dr. Hari Shankar Mishra P.G. College is designed to demonstrate perfection in education. We are determined to take away the inadequacies of our learners by offering Total Knowledge to unfold the total brain potential of everyone so that one may use the full creative potential with which he is really born to live perfection in life.

Manager’s Message

Welcome to D.H.S.M.P.G College, Malihamau, Hardoi. Education is the base of life. Our vision is to provide value-based education with new innovations and ideas so that our pupils may grow into aesthetically rich, intellectually aware and integrated young people, capable of fulfilling their dreams and aspirations.

From Principal’s Desk

Welcome to D.H.S.M. P.G. College website. Today, the role of a college is not only to pursue academic excellence but also to motivate and empower its students to be lifelong learners, critical thinkers, and specific members of the society. This is exactly what we are trying to do. We are striving to provide our students with an atmosphere for multifaceted development where every learner is encouraged to channelize his/ her potential in the pursuit of excellence. In our curriculum, the primary focus is on the student and every student is involved actively in the learning process. More..;

From the Desk of C. E. O

Education enables a person to face new challenges, achieve progresses and lead a successful life. I, therefore, would like to encourage all students to acquire right education through right educational institution. I appreciate both the parents and the students for having made a right choice of choosing Dr, Hari Shankar Mishra P.G. College. I am delighted to welcome all the students to this world of Education and my best wishes for them to unlock and realize their potential.

The Director speaks

Dr. Hari Shankar Mishra P.G College, Malihamau, we understand our responsibility well and try to create a sound world through our learners who are full of promises and hopes. We are constantly and earnestly attempting for excellence in all the aspects of a learner’s overall development.